Who We Are:

The Association for Management Information in Financial Services (AMIfs) is the preeminent organization for management information professionals in the financial services industry. Founded in 1980 (known then as NABCA), AMIfs has become the premier organization of its type, and counts among its members individuals who set the policies and advance the concepts of management information at major financial institutions worldwide.

Association Mission:

AMIfs is a not-for profit professional association dedicated to developing and advancing the profession of management information for the financial services industry. Its goals are:


Leadership: Develop opportunities for members to advance the profession by participating in the association.


Research: Identify and coordinate research activities that support the goals of the organization and advance the profession.


Education & Training: Provide professional development opportunities for industry practitioners.


Networking: Provide opportunities for members to interact and share experience, knowledge, and insights.


Other Member Services: Provide related services that add value to membership.


Infrastructure: Establish and maintain an organizational structure designed to accomplish the Association's mission through ongoing involvement of industry professionals.


Our Volunteers:

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